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Learn From These 12+ Speakers & Coaches 

All personally interviewed by Eva-Maria Straub, also known as @naturallyrawsome on instagram & YouTube

Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Amber Vizziccaro

Amber has been successfully helping people all over the world recover from chronic health problems naturally.

She blends Anthony William's teachings with science and her own compassionate intuition.

Medical Medium® Detox Coach

Cacey Scott

Cacey has healed himself from severe anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue with the power of fresh fruits & veggies. He also works on healing Lyme. And coaches people how to detox, using the Medical Medium® Information. 

Certified Wellness Coach

Michelle Hewitt

Michelle is living a Medical Medium® lifestyle since Jan 4, 2016 and has experienced amazing healing. She has healed IBS, constipation, joint pain, acne, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, plantar fasciitis, brain fog, emotional issues, bloating, hair loss, anxiety, bloating, depression, frozen shoulder, weight struggles, rosacea, numbness, tingling, and addictions to food and alcohol.
Certified Health Coach

Lauren Henry

Lauren has healed herself from constant digestive issues, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, amenorrhea, fatigue, changes in her skin, and anxiety and depression. She now feels more inspired than ever to help others recover their health and provide information about healing physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
Intuitive Health Guide

Susan Wolf

Susan studied the ancient spiritual philosophy of shamanism for ten years and continues studying to this day. She learned shamanic philosophy, meditations, healing techniques, and more. 

Cancer Surviror/Thriver



Health & Beauty



Coaches & Doctor of PT

Jim & Lexi

By supporting their bodies with proper nutrition they have permanently released all of their former addictions.

THe Healthy Life Feels Good


Changing her diet has enabled Kayla to do things she didn't believe she could ever do , like doing her drivers license. 

 What this lifestyle has given her is a greater gift than she can express!

Chronic Illness Expert

Kelsey Voller


Gut Healing Expert

Peggy Schirmer

Her heartfelt mission is to support people to become their own health experts. She teaches people how to understand their body's symptoms so they can take simple yet powerful steps to heal their digestion naturally.


The Smile Enthusiast



 She has been an energy healer and intuitive since the young age of 3 years old. And is now helping people to heal and guides them with love and faith.

Health Coach

Bernd Bissinger


Doctor with spirit

Dr. Nguyen Phan

Intuitive Medicine Women

Muneeza Ahmed




What you will learn inside

In the interviews we will talk about individual healing stories and discuss some of the frequent asked questions that people encounter during their healing journeys:

  • How to get started if you're chronically ill!
  • What are Some Healthy Daily Habits 
  •  What Challenges to Face During the Transition Time 
  • What Supplements Are Necessary and How to Adapt Them 
  • How to Deal with Flare-Ups 
  • How Certain Foods/Fruits Can Cause Flare-Ups 
  • How Important Is the Connection or Exchange With Like-Minded People 
  • How Important Are Juices 
  • How to Deal with Constant Hunger/Cravings 
  • How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs So You Can Take Action TODAY 
  • How to Ease Bloatings/Constipation 
  • How to Deal with Adrenal Fatigue 
  • How to care for your skin naturally
  • What's the root cause for skin issues
  • How to connect with your body
  • How to establish a healing mindset
  • How to care for your soul
  • Emotional detoxification
  • And more...

Why this summit has been created

Dear Healers, 

Did you ever wonder why some people seem to be strong and healthy no matter what they eat and why others have to struggle with various symptoms even though they are already eating a healthier diet?


See, that's where this Summit comes into play. 

I want to show people what A HEALTHY DIET really looks like.

My goal is to empower people to take their and their families health into their own hands and taking responsibility for it. I want to help you from struggling and trying one health trend after another to finally getting on the right path. 

So here's a quick story that might inspire you to make the necessary changes in your diet to get the results that you're aiming for. It is how things went for me.

I never ate a super unhealthy diet but organic dairy, gluten and meat products as well as sugary treats were always part of my daily foods. I tried to exclude dairy for but only managed to stick to it for a few weeks. I've also never been aware about how harmful grain products can be yet I only ate them sparingly to stay slim. Luckily I wasn't really that much into meat and rather ate a piece of fish instead of a steak. 

During my time at the university my digestion became worse and worse and I tried various things like acupuncture, fiber rich foods (psyllium husk, wholegrain, etc.) and more without any success or improvement. 

Then came the day when I discovered the raw vegan diet and went on a banana island for one week. This alone was a blessing for my digestion and convinced me to stay on the raw vegan diet. For me switching my diet from one day to another was pretty easy because I felt in my heart that this is the right thing to do and eating this way totally made sense for me. 

I only began to struggle with it 1-2 years later when some health issued occurred that I couldn't explain myself. I got one sty after another and began to experience a rash in my face (which I now know was rosacea) and some fruits seem to make it worse. And I want to mention that I never really had skin issues besides a few pimples during my puberty. 

Fast forward to today I now know what was after me and why I had those symptoms: The streptococcus virus plus the Epstein-Barr Virus.

From Anthony William, the Medical Medium® I have learned that there are four main things that cause many of today's issues and sufferings: The Unforgiving Four; Viral Explosion, DDT, Radiation, and Toxic Heavy Metals. And it takes the right kind of healing foods the Holy Four (fruits, vegetables, wild herbs and spices) to heal and thrive. But it is also essential to leave out foods that feed viruses (dairy, gluten, eggs, etc.) and prevent us from healing.

Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle with leaving out the trigger foods because we are so used to them and just love their taste. That is why I have created this summit for you: I've gathered the BEST of the BEST Medical Medium® Health Warriors to share their secrets and tips with you. So that you get inspired and motivated to make healthier food choices. 

First I thought about selling this whole package for $499, because it contains so much valuable information and took me lots of time to do all of the interviews and do all of the other things like setting up the page, mailings, etc. But despite this being about YOU...I also learned so much from these interviews myself that I really want to spread this information to as many people as possible to support them in their healing. 

Long story short, I decided to publish all of the interviews FOR FREE so that everyone can watch them. 

They're only for free for a limited time though. And if you want to keep them and be able to watch them again and again to stay motivated, you gotta pay a little. That's it! And if you decide to buy them you'll also receive some precious bonus material too.

Looking forward to see you on the summit,


Founder of the Healing Chronic Illness Summit

If you have questions about the summit please use the chat box on the right, 

contact me on instagram @naturallyrawsome or write me an e-mail.


This event, its speakers and the information shared are not affiliated with or endorsed by Medical Medium® Anthony William of www.medicalmedium.com or his team. 

 The Mission of the Healing Chronic Illness Summit is to inspire people to make better food choices. The information and resources shared in this summit are for educational, informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any type of disease or condition. 

The experiences, views and nutritional advice that are expressed on the summit represent individual experiences and do not guarantee any results for your specific situation. Please see your physician/doctor if you have a health issue or a severe medical condition.

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